A FAQ of sorts, last updated 19-mar-2002 - Screen shots

>What is freya-engine?

A pure Java game engine for creating and running turn based games. Initially aimed at web based, slow turnaround games, the engine provides support classes and application architecture for conquest games.

>What does it do then?

You implement a bunch of Phase classes, command documents and data documents and the engine goes runs through each phase executing it for all the players commands and outputing result documents.

>What's a Phase class?

A Phase class is a single action that can occur during the game. Moving, picking up objects, fighting are all actions that can be represented by Phase implementations.

>Do I have to write every phase from scratch?

No, some base classes exist to help out. Examples include the Inventory class which stores Items, the Map class which handles 2D maps and the Unit class which holds very basic attributes such as name, Inventory and status. There is also a Basic phase package prebuilt which can be used as a base for conquest games. Units have basic combat values, can move, fight and pick things up. Basic isn't really a game in itself though.

>So what are these command, data and result documents?

Everything in freya-engine is stored as XML. All input into freya-engine is in XML. All output in freya-engine is XML. XML keeps freya-engine future proof. On of the Basic phase classes transforms the XML report into HTML.

>Is there anything I can actually play?

Feb 02: Just about! Crystal Caverns is a simple extension to the Basic package to allow gaming. The players choose from three races, then build units to become top dog. They rely on Crystals to build more units. All this occurs in a vast cavern system. Crystal Caverns should start play testing (hint, hint) in March.

>Can I use freya-engine myself?

Yes, the Lesser GNU Public License allows you to change the code as you see fit, as long as you keep those changes open source. Because the engine uses the LGPL, any new classes you write yourself are yours to do as you see fit, including not disclosing them to the public and charging players.

>How do I get involved?

freya-engine is a near infinite project and needs programmers (Java, XML, XSL, HTML), testers, games designers, writers, graphic artists and players. If your one of them email

>Is there any more documentation?

There is some in the Java docs.

>I don't have a clue what your going on about, do you have a screenshot?

Sort of, a webpage generated by the engine can be seen here.

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